A promise of quality


Planting densities of 5000 to 10000 vines (6 to 10 bunches per vine) and traditional cultivation practices are the only way to produce quality grapes. These ancestral practices are now fully legitimate in the production of Great Bordeaux Wines. The average age of the vines on the property are around 25 years old.

The search for authenticity has made it possible to go beyond the geographical limits of Château Sainte-Marie to select islets located several kilometers away, such as Alios located 8 kilometers away, Pierre Creusée located 4 kilometers away. This selection, the result of a rigorous geological study, has allowed us to bring together "sanctuarized" terroirs offering the characteristics that seem essential to produce great wines :

clayey gravel,
clayey limestone and
asteriated limestone




Château Sainte-Marie is a source of passion that is transmitted from generation to generation in the Dupuch family. The preservation of biodiversity and the intergenerational dimension of sustainable development therefore perfectly embrace this spirit of transmission. This is why the estate has turned towards an environmentally friendly way of farming for a sustainable and clean agriculture.

The interactions that the vines have with the surrounding species are indeed crucial. Viticulture has an environmental impact. It is because we seek to limit this impact that we have implemented measures that aspire to contribute to the safeguarding of protected species. For instance, the property is home to 8 beehives. The bees help to improve the biodiversity of the vineyard by ensuring 80% of the pollination, which allows the reproduction of flowers. The CSR initiatives that we foster, such as the use of more responsible products, are closely linked to the well-being of our employees and collaborators.

Respect for fauna and flora is at the heart of our production process, which aims to enhance our terroir.

Our desire to implement clean and sustainable agriculture has led us today to embark on the process of obtaining Bee Friendly certification. This certification would allow our consumers to identify us as a winery that promotes farming practices and products that are in harmony with the well-being of pollinators. Determined to get involved with this organization to raise awareness of the decline of pollinators, we are looking to get in touch with beekeepers near our plots. If you are one of them or you know one of them, do not hesitate to contact us (contact@chateau-sainte-marie.com) or to spread this message!


Wine requires time and the right weather at harvest time. Then it takes time to harvest, time to ferment, time to soak and needs to be run off and its lees stirred at the right time. It then has to be given time to age…

The fruit grown on these outstanding terroirs is enhanced by modern winemaking techniques to produce deep, rich red wines and fresh, aromatic whites.

A sorting table to ensure that only top quality grapes are selected
A temperature control system in the winery
A pneumatic press to ensure that all components of the fruit are preserved
Aged on the lees in tanks and barrels
Special care when bottling
Aged in barrels. The types of oak used and the style of toast are carefully selected.


Our logistics manager Géraldine Lussiez has been engaged alongside the family in the exploitation of the property since 1988. She has seen the property evolve and grow over the years. Géraldine, having started under the direction of Gilles Dupuch, knows all the history of the family property.

First started in the cellar by vinifying the wines in collaboration with oenologist Dennis Dubourdieu. Géraldine manages nowadays the Logistics and Production of Château Sainte-Marie and Château Peyredon LaGravette while continuing to share her experience and know-how in vinification and blending during the harvest. Her loyalty, professionalism and rigor make her undoubtedly a real asset for the Dupuch family and the family business.

« Be it red or white, wine takes time.
Patience and passion are the main virtues of a winegrower. »